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From: Clare Emms


Sent: Tuesday, January 24, 2012 3:02 PM

Subject: thank you


Hi Danielle & team

Just wanted to thank you for the prompt service for the matt white shower tray you organised for us, it was a perfect match for what the customer required and they were really pleased that you delivered it so quickly.

Just thought it would be nice to pass on their (and my) gratitude !

Many thanks !



Clare Emms, Swindon Bathroom Centre





I've used your classi-seal for four projects now, both refurb of leaking

shower trays and new installs. It is great to find a product that is so

simple and effective. I always recommend/use it now to prevent leaks.


You may also be interested to know (I'm sure you do already) that it

also makes an excellent temporary/permanent seal around cracked waste

pipes 40mm 32mm etc. as I discovered when I cracked one on install

recently and the customer needed to use the bath which saved me valuable


best regards

James Wells Wellsoved Property Maintenance

James Wells, Wellsolved Property Maintenance, Cambridge


We now use Classi Seal on every shower tray and shower bath we install. We highly recommend Classi Seal.

Tony Irving, Ashley Bathrooms, Tyne and Wear NE33


I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your flexible upstand product Classi-seal. Having tried and tested many over the years we have seen a lot of similar products which simply do not turn out to be what they promise. 


We originally used a sample of Classi-seal and tested it on a bath we were installing. The product was installed and then the bath top was drenched with a shower prior to tiling to see how it stood up - we were very impressed to see how well such a simple idea performed - no dripping or leaking through the seal. 


Due to the performance of your product we have made the decision to specify your product as a mandatory item for installation on all baths and showers.


AWI Website

Andrew Woodward, AWI Contracting, Accrington, Lancashire


Having had numerous problems with leaking shower trays and repeated returns to tennanted properties to re-silicone I have just discovered Classi-seal. I struggled to get hold of a roll locally, but Christopher Hackett was very proactive in calling around to check stocks for me. Having found a roll 30 minutes drive away, I have just applied it to a large wet-room style shower tray and it could not have been easier. It took less than 10 minutes to apply on my own and given that old victorian walls are less than true I've been impressed by their flexibility in corners. So far I'm very impressed.

Rob Caudwell, End User, Londow SW


I have used classi-seal around the shower tray at the recommendation of my plumber. I am now looking to install it around the new bath. I have tested the claims of sealing capabilities and I am impressed with the quality of the material and the sealling effectiveness. This product should become the standard in shower tray and bath installations.
I have looked into similar competitor products but none matched the capabilities of classi-seal.

At the moment we undergo a full bathroom renovation on a converted flat. The reason is that the bathroom upstairs was leaking from the silicone sealant for quite some time. Eventualy the ceiling rotted and mould spread everywhere. The cost to repair is more that £3000. Next time the flat owner renovates the upstairs flat, I will insist in installing classi-seal and even buy it for them. One classi-seal will save £3000. Silicone just doesn't do it. Congratulations

Yannis Psomadakis, End User, London W14


"I would like to confirm that we have specified the product Classi Seal where we are replacing baths and showers, to prevent any future maintenance problems. This is especially prevelant in flats, where leaks into the appartments below can cause major upset for the tenants. We have had very positive feedabck from our contractors and it is used on all related works"

Bob Truslove, Asset Manager, Nehemiah UC Housing Association


"Having now used Classi Seal on a shower tray in place of my normal method of forming a waterproof up stand I found it only took 10mins from opening the box to be ready to fit the shower tray instead of 1hr to make a waterproof seal nearly as good. The adhesive seal stuck instantly and the corner formed very neatly giving it a very professional look. The seal stuck strong enough to pick up the shower tray without pealing off. I would recommend Classi Seal for anyone fitting shower trays or baths."

A I Foster, A I Foster Plumbing and Heating, Staffs


"Having been purchasing Classi Seal in Belfast for over three years it was with disbelief that when I came to refit my sister-in-laws bathroom in Bromley (Kent) that Classi Seal was unheard of! I would not fit the tray or bath and when Classic Marble heard of my predicament they posted two rolls to me FOC. It arrived just in time, a wonderful product and company and wish them the best in getting Classi Seal to the English plumbers who after using it once will be hooked."

Robert Moore Plumbing and Heating, Belfast


"We now use CLassi Seal whenever we are specified non upstand trays by the many major house builders we work for. It is particularly useful when using large "walk-in" shower trays and in refurb situations when walls tend to be less true and the use of upstand trays is not possible. We also use it for bath installations. The feedback form our installers is very positive."

Gwyn, Turnpike Plumbing and Heating Ltd, Fareham


"Having been introduced to Classi Seal it has been like a revolution to our engineers using the product, not only on social housing but private installations as well. We are using the product on all installations; it is so clean and easy to use, very flexible and gives us and our clients peace of mind." Heat Force Website

Paul Maddocks, MD, Heat Force, Cardiff


"I would like to confirm that we have specified Classi Seal as part of our bathroom replacement program which incorporates a shower over a bath. We feel that Classi Seal is the ideal solution to for reducing any future maintenance which was a major stumbing block in our aim to provide showers to our tenants. The feedback from our contractor is excellent and they are ussing the product on all their bathroom refurbishment work"

Philip Dunn, Maintenance Manager, Taff Housing Association


Further to trying the Classi Seal on our site at Feering Nr. Colchester, I can confirm that the plumbers and the site agent were impressed with the product and that we would be more than happy to specify this product on our future projects. website

Jason Drage, Vaughan & Blyth (Construction) Ltd